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Benefits of Using Regulation D Resources for Your Regulation A+ Offering:

  • Flat fee structure for Regulation A+ offering preparation services eliminates budget concerns related to unforeseen offering preparation costs
  • Highly experienced staff
  • Custom Investor Web Portal application for administration and management of the offering and subscription processes is included in the Regulation A+ Service
  • In-house EDGAR filing services (included in the Services Fee) eliminates Filer Agent fees for the client’s Form 1-A submissions
  • Vendor recommendations for industry leading transfer agents, CPA’s and broker dealers
  • Ability to customize our Investor Web Portal back-end to synchronize with transfer agent platforms
  • 800 firm FINRA broker dealer community available to Regulation A+ clients
  • Comprehensive services with a “quarterback” approach to managing the process and coordinating vendors that reduces time, effort, and stress for the client

Regulation A+ Services Fee

The fee for our Regulation A+ Offering Preparation Services is a $40,000 flat fee paid using the following payment schedule (fees subject to change):

  • $12,500 Retainer payment to engage services
  • $15,000 due 30 days net from date of engagement
  • $12,500 due 60 days net from engagement

Web Portal hosting is $50/month with an annual renewal of $150.

For Tier 1 Issuers, additional hourly rate charges of $250 per hour will apply for work performed to qualify a Tier 1 Regulation A+ Offering at the State level. Tier 2 Regulation A+ Issuers are not subject to State qualification. Additional costs such as transfer agent fees, payable to a third party SEC approved transfer agent, may also apply as the Offering is executed.

Interested in executing a Regulation A Offering? Call us today to discuss the Regulation A Program and our services: (720) 586-8610

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