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Raising Capital for Real Estate

Private Offerings Marketing was founded for the sole purpose of providing a turnkey capital raising solution for established real estate developers and sponsors.  

The JOBS Act of 2012 opened up a new source of capital, the public.  There are over 15 million households that qualify as “accredited investors”.  There are over 150,000,000 Americans that can or have made a securities investment.

This legislation represents the most radical change in US securities law in over 80 years.

JOBS Act 2012

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act is a piece of U.S. legislation that was signed into law by President Barack Obama on April 5, 2012, that loosens regulations instituted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on small businesses. It lowers reporting and disclosure requirements for companies with less than $1 billion in revenue and allows the advertising of securities offerings. It also allows greater access to crowdfunding and greatly expands the number of companies that can offer stock without going through SEC registration.

Our Mission

The core competency of Private Offerings Marketing (POM) is acquiring new investors using a comprehensive array of marketing vehicles and techniques.   There are many services that have been developed to support the capital acquisition process ranging from document preparation to transaction platforms to onboard investors.  These products and services each provide important pieces to complete a capital raise.  Developing and executing a marketing plan that attracts, educates, nurtures, and converts strangers to investors is by far the most difficult part of the process.

POM designs for each client marketing programs that attract attention to the client’s “brand” by offering useful information.  After the prospective investor opts in to receive an array of content offerings the POM marketing automation system presents additional selections based on their responses and interests.  After  awareness and trust in the brand is established specific investment offers are presented.  Once the prospective investor reacts to a “Call to Action” the next phase of the conversion process starts.  The POM CRM combined with personal interaction goes through a series of steps that guides the prospect to an investment decision.   


John White – Director


John has years of high tech entrepreneurial pursuits including 25 years in Silicon Valley participating in startup ventures that pioneered Microprocessors, Local Area Networks, CAD/CAE, to Artificial Intelligence.  With the advent of the JOBS Act of 2012 he became dedicated to developing tier-one digital marketing capabilities specifically designed to execute successful investment marketing programs.

Muhammad Shoaib – Manager Marketing/IT Tech

Muhammad is an entrepreneur, COO, data scientist, consultant, project manager, and trainer. He brings years of experience supporting start-ups and established businesses.  He is an active teacher, lecturer, and researcher at the graduate level with a concentration on digital marketing technologies.

Brian Gill – Advisor

Brian has 20 years of  Real Estate Investment Banking experience specializing in the institutional capital market. Brian is a graduate of the London of School of Economics.  For the past two decades he has been an Adjunct Professor at McDonough School, Georgetown University – instructor for “Global Business Experience” capstone MBA course (China, UAE, Brazil)

Simon Sandoval


Mr. Sandoval has been a leader in the business development and capital raising fields for close to 15 years. As head of project finance and business development, he has participated in close to 1B USD in transactions as either principal or advisor focusing on cross border deals. He has extensive experience working with both family offices and more institutional clients and has recently transitioned into private equity in Latin America. He sits on the board of Livento, a US based hedge fund with offices in Prague, Bogota and NYC, and is establishing a 100MM USD real estate fund focused on distressed properties in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is fluent in Spanish and English and did his undergraduate and post-graduate studies in business administration at Richmond College and Heriot-Watt University in the UK respectively.

Norma Canalas


Norma Canales has experience in project structuring and Investment Banking with a focus on energy, manufacturing and F&B projects in Latin America. She is also a specialist in Private Equity in the region starting her career at JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley in their NYC offices. Norma is currently the director of the supply chain committee at Clúster Minero Petrolero de Coahuila A.C. She is leading the group, working directly with Mexican companies to develop their potential to become certified suppliers of the largest O&G international companies as well as advising large foreign companies in their process of entering the Mexican market adhering to ESG protocols. Norma is originally from Saltillo, Coahuila, a regular columnist at Forbes Magazine, and a trained economist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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Class A Multi-family

Build To Rent Single Family

Resdential Construction 

Commercial Property Bridge Loans

Our Partners

To develop and place an offering requires many moving pieces.  Private Offerings Marketing as the project manager is responsible to recruit and work with the “best of breed” of professionals and service providers.   Our Partners represent years of experience in all aspects of preparing and supporting SEC Reg D 506(c), Reg A+, and Reg CF offerings.

In addition to specializing in SEC audits and reporting, dbbmckennon is the leading PCAOB registered CPA firm in the U.S. for companies conducting equity crowdfunding using Reg D 506(c), Reg A+, and Reg CF.

Vstock Transfer is an SEC-registered stock transfer firm serving private companies, IPO’s and issuers listed on NYSE American, NASDAQ and OTC Markets. We are not just transaction-oriented but solution-focused to help you through every step of the process.

North Capital is the leading provider of technology, escrow, and managing broker dealer services for private placements.  Solutions for raising capital through different issuer’s exemptions such as Reg A+, Reg D,  and Reg CF.

Having served over 250 Reg A+ clients since 2019, Dalmore has become the go to Broker-Dealer for Reg A+, Reg D 506(c) and Reg CF issuers looking for experience, insight and added value.

Small Cap Equity Advisors

Small Cap Equity Advisors is a  consulting firm advising clients on , Equity Crowdfunding, REG A+ offerings, investor marketing, private placements, mergers & acquisitions.


Crowdfunding Lawyers is a boutique law firm whose area of practice includes setting up Syndications, Private Placement Offerings, Private Equity Funds, and Joint Ventures for real estate ventures and small business startups.

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