Berkshire Hills Capital over the years has worked on projects in a variety of sectors. BHC has found that investing in Real Estate securities consistently delivers the best ROI. With the introduction of the SEC Reg A+ regulations BHC with its advanced investor acquisition techniques is in an excellent position to develop and complete funding projects for selected private and public companies that will result in publicaly traded securities.

BHC is the managing member of Banyara Opportunity Fund I LLC which was formed to invest $40 million in a new state of the art community center and shopping mall  in Manila, Basic Mall.

BHC formed BTR Fund I LLC as the first in a series of $10 million funds for the sole purpose of building single family rental homes in Southwest Florida. BHC works with one established builder to spot build on existing building lots.

BHC established  a $30 millionChicago Bridge Fund I LLC to provide capital exclusively to the leading private commercial real estate lender in the Chicago market.  Providing high income, low risk investor returns with short hold times.

Capital Construction is dedicated to building and managing single family rental homes in Flordia and Colorado for investment portfolios  BHC holds an equity position  and will place a Reg A+ Offering in August followed by registration on a trading exchange in December 2023.

What our Partners are saying

"Partnering with Berkshire Hills Capital has been an excellent experience. We can now concentrate on developing and managing our projects since BHC not only aggregrates the operating funds we require from their capital sources but also provides on-going management of existing investors.
Ariel Victoria
Banyara Development Corporation
"Berkshire Hills Capital has brought to our project not only the capital but has contributed in their role as one of the managing members the infrastructure and resources to stand up our fund in record time. We look forward to working with BHC in the future in doing a series of investment portfolios."
Martin Fischer
Managing Member, BTR Fund I LLC
"We have provided to our investors for over 15 years excellent income investments. Partnering with Berkshire Hills Capital has gotten us to the next level by dramatically expanding our pool of new investors."
Leigh Ballen
Managing Partner, Chicago Bridge Loans
"We have been building residential homes in Southwest Florida for over 35 years. Two years we decided to focus on building single family rental homes for investors. Partnering with BHC to build homes for the BTR Fund has proven to be a succuessful business model. Now BHC is helping us with expansion capital and also will provide liquidity for both legacy stakeholders and new stockholders."
Tom Cappadona
CEO, Capital Construction